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We love the Spanish language and Hispanic culture and want to bring both of them to you. When we think of Spanish we immediately think of the bright, vibrant colours of the sun, the sea, and the mountains. We think of passionate music, spirited conversation, wonderful food, and colourful fabrics. No other language travels as well or reminds us with its sounds and rhythms of the rich layers, hues and tones of the many cultures it embraces.

We have been teaching languages in Galway since 2007. In 2015 we decided to focus all of our efforts and attention on Spanish and we have, since then, assembled a great team of experienced teachers and support staff. We have invested in the most up to date classroom and online teaching technologies and have all kinds of exciting plans to further develop the Spanish Institute. Come join us on our journey.

We love to work with people and make our visitors feel welcome from the moment they step into our school.

The Spanish Institute


We want to teach our students to both speak and understand Spanish and so we focus on interaction in our lessons.

Here’s the view from our office. Visitors tell us we have the best location in Galway.


Meet the teachers

Of course, when it comes to creating the best learning environment, nothing is as important as the teacher. We pride ourselves on having talented, native teachers who strive to make their classes effective, interesting and fun.


Rocío is from Salamanca, which is known worldwide as the city of Spanish when referring to the teaching of the language.

After eleven years teaching in Galway, her classes are very dynamic and enjoyable because she loves her job.


Laura is from Madrid, and has lived in different countries.

She started giving face-to-face classes in Galway in 2005, and now she mainly teaches online.

She is also a life coach and really enjoys giving one to one classes and teaching the Spanish language through conversation.


Paula is from Autol, La Rioja.

Her classes are very dynamic, making use of gamification in the classroom and obtaining significant learning through the active role of the student while learning.

She really loves her job as a Spanish teacher!


Daniela is from Guanajuato, Mexico.

Teaching is one of the things she enjoys the most such as guiding the students in every step of their learning process and involving them in the magic of the Spanish language in order to achieve the common goals.

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